GL events UK has launched a “how to” guide aimed at new organisers entering the events industry. The online resource is available now and features short chapters that offer advice on everything from marketing and ticket sales to legal matters and sponsorship, all presented through the voices of experienced event professionals.

The guide was created as a result of GL event’s continuing research in to the industry, which has identified the need for more commercially minded and collaborative relationships, and for more guidance and support to be passed on to new and younger event organisers. The guide is intended as a first steps document that uncovers good and bad practice, outlining some of the experiences to come for any new event.

Chapters include commentary from Louise Young (founder of Strawberries and Creem), Lee Denny (founder of Leefest), Nick Morgan (founder and CEO of We are the Fair), and Gill Tee (managing director of Entertee), with wide-ranging subjects including funding for new events, event technology, safety and security, supplier and sponsor relations and marketing masterclasses. The guide includes articles, infographics, top-tips, animations and visuals.

Rachel Baker, marketing manager at GL events, commented: “We’re often approached by talented new and potential event organisers who have great ideas, but very often lack the full, 360° view of the operational logistics involved in organising an event.

“We wanted to take our experience of commercialising events and apply this knowledge to a project that would help to nurture great ideas and develop great events. We’ve produced a genuinely helpful guide that’s easy to use and could support newcomers to our industry, as well as their events, giving them food for thought and directing them towards further expert advice.”