Get insight and become a real partner, says Angela Law, director of Every Sense and EVCOM member


“Insight” – one of my favourite words and a necessity for any event organiser, producer, design agency or production company looking for profitable growth. The Oxford English Dictionary defines insight as: “The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something”.

I speak to about 60-80 clients of different creative agencies every year. What clients’ value is the creative agency’s knowledge and understanding of their brand, their business and potential customers or audience. When a client works with a creative agency in this way it is as a partner solving a business challenge or problem together. Neither party knows the solution before it starts and the outcome is bespoke and created through collaboration. In other words you are at the pinnacle of account development – meeting unmet needs.

When talking to creative agency clients I know that I am starting to get insight when the client says: “What would be great is if…”, “The challenge for me is…” or “The problem I have to solve is…” and so on. At this point in the conversation people are starting to voice their unmet needs, and it is here that opportunities emerge. The skill is in asking the questions which tap into what is important to the client or potential event visitor.

This approach means moving away from a discussion of what has been provided to a client or to an event visitor in the past and focusing instead on the future and on “what ifs”. These conversations take time and investment to set up – and further investment to implement the opportunities that will emerge – but can set you on a road to a more insight-driven approach, more innovation and more profitable growth.