Jayson Jaurigue, founder and director of Eight Ray Music, discusses the importance of creativity to stimulate the workplace


I’ve always endeavoured to create an environment of creativity for my employees. It’s not just your employees who stand to benefit from a spirit of creativity either. Richard Branson once said: “If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers”. So if the vast majority of employees crave creative outlets in the workplace, affording them such opportunities will be key to their happiness. Because let’s face it, when your employees and customers are winning, so are you.

Creative freedom can transform businesses, events and people. It allows you to push boundaries, find innovative solutions to problems plaguing your business and create new ways to expand and enhance your work too.

Once you truly embrace creativity as one of your business’ core values, the consequences are quite beautiful. Employees will feel more valued and, as Branson suggests, their happiness directly corresponds to that of your clients.

It all stems from leadership.

So how do you lead through creativity in your business?

There are a number of ways to lead with creativity. I’ve found the best measures to stimulate creativity in the workplace to include incentivising employees to deliver creative solutions, creating an office environment that aids creativity and encouraging employees to interact with each other.

Small things such as listening closely to your employees are highly important too but you must avoid practices that stifle creativity. This would include micromanagement, unrealistic deadlines and time restrictions and shooting down ideas without constructive discussion.

These aren’t ideas that I’ve simply plucked from thin air; such measures are supported by research. For example, studies from the World Economic Forum, The Energy Project and Harvard Business Review (and helpfully collated by The Guardian) all support the need to lead through creativity.

Their findings demonstrate employees in companies that encourage healthy habits are eight times more dedicated and more than three times more creative and innovative.

On top of this, employee interaction outside office hours was found to boost creativity and engagement while 6 out of ten employees said they would deliver more creative suggestions if incentivised.

By leading with creativity and making it a core value within your business you will derive immeasurable benefits.