A steel container solution that features innovative smart glass has been launched in the UK by G-Smatt. The brand new unit – called G-Tainer – is being marketed to brands, organisers and agencies as an alternative to traditional shipping containers and temporary structures.

Based on a structure that measures the same dimensions as a standard shipping container, the G-Tainer comprises a media-rich display, which G-Smatt says provides concert-goers, consumers and guests with a memorable experience.

The G-Tainer is pitched as an attractive “pop-up” space that can be used for hospitality, product launches and experiential activity, or even as an interactive exhibit, a news studio or for VIP entertainment. It features G-Smatt’s media glass – a construction-grade, laminated LED glass product – that enables a glass façade to be turned into a canvas.

To launch the product to the UK events industry, G-Smatt has formed G-Smatt Europe Media, which recently opened a UK office in Oxford. The Oxford-based team, which includes Niraj Kapur, sales director, is led by Dr Orhan Ertughrul.

Ertughrul, executive vice president Europe at G-Smatt Europe, said: “Our G-Tainer product is a combination of our smart glass and a steel container structure that allows companies and brands to communicate and interact with their audiences in a new and exciting way. The only limit is their own imagination and creativity.”

The G-Tainer is available to hire and G-Smatt will provide all the necessary support from transportation and installation through to development of appropriate media content. The units can be installed individually or can be combined in a multiple container construction for a larger pavilion, ideal for hospitality or as a pop up venue.