The fresh Group has launched a division called Environments.

The newly-formed Environments will focus on the overall audience experience, finding innovative ways to make their events as impactful as possible. This will include the design of space and infrastructure through to how audiences are engaged, as well as how they communicate and interact within the environment and beyond.

The team will work closely with the strategy, creative and content departments all housed within fresh – from initial concept development through to the execution of the creative treatment across all of the deliverables and platforms. Together, they will focus on how existing and emerging interactive technology can enhance the immersive experience whilst striking the right balance between innovation and personalisation.

The new division will be led by Graham Lord, head of environments and event producer, who joined fresh in November 2019. Lord has 15 years of experience delivering large-scale events, exhibitions, brand experiences and campaigns all over the world for the automotive, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, educational and retail sectors.

Laura Lee, director of client delivery at fresh, has led the development and recruitment of the new division and says: “To create amazing event experiences, you need to create amazing event environments. The creation of the new Environments department is therefore a reflection of the amazing talent we have in the business and our strategy to ensure a more joined-up way of working, which only makes our clients’ lives easier and ensures the focus always remains on the event experience itself. We have already had great feedback from our clients on the positive impact this is making to our creative solutions and operational delivery.”

Stuart Whittle, executive creative director, is responsible for all creative output at fresh, and comments: “This just makes sense for us. We are already known for our creativity in the industry, but, as leaders, we wanted to empower our teams to be even more creative. By introducing this new structure, it helps our colleagues share their knowledge and experience a lot more openly with one another. As we focus on doing more large-scale live events for our clients, we have to make sure our people have everything they need to create amazing things together. If we can make it as easy as possible for our teams to exchange ideas and experiment with new innovations, it means we stay ahead and we stay creative.”

The creation of this new division also supports the 2020 vision for the company as set out by Lee Harris, the new CEO of fresh. He says: “The investment in the new division represents the strategic growth plans that we have for the business and the large-scale work that fresh has in the pipeline. We are already having a fantastic year and this new team is fully equipped to support the business and our clients’ requirements.”