A free white paper explaining GDPR and its application within the events industry has been published by RefTech.

The white paper Get ready for GDPR: Your events management strategy has been created to help organisations working in the events industry and has specific advice relating to how the industry stores and uses data for event registration and marketing purposes. The paper explains the compliance process and sets out a framework of questions for organises to use to create their own strategy.

Simon Clayton, chief ideas officer RefTech and a GDPR Certified Practitioner, said: “GDPR is our once in a lifetime opportunity to do the right thing; for organisations to review how they collect, store and use personal data because they have a responsibly to the people whose data they use.  GDPR is forcing organisations to take data stewardship seriously and to be aware of how great a responsibility that is. The industry relies on personal data to run events and we have a moral obligation to ensure that it is collected, stored and used both responsibly and legitimately.”

The white paper is 25 pages long and contains the following chapters:

  • GDPR is a culture shift
  • Who and what does GDPR affect?
  • What if your events business in not in Europe
  • But what about Brexit?
  • Developing your strategy
  • Awareness
  • Information you hold
  • Individual rights
  • Subject access requests
  • Privacy notices
  • Consent and legal basis
  • Children’s data
  • Data protection by design and default
  • Data breaches
  • Data protection officers
  • Working internationally