The ABB FIA Formula E Championship is rolling out “revolutionary” new sustainable branding and trackside signage at race events, working with CSM Live – using non-PVC material to reduce plastic production and waste.

Formula E tasked CSM Live to develop new solutions for trackside branding, and after 12-months of research, a new “strong, durable and sustainable alternative” will be applied to the barriers lining each circuit – starting in the Italian capital for the GEOX Rome E-Prix and the first instalment of the voestalpine European races on April 13.

The adhesive film has been produced to meet the specific needs of the electric street racing series, in conjunction with specialist manufacturer and established supply chain partner HEXIS. The new trackside signage will replace any previously-used materials and limit the environmental impact of the series by cutting back on 35-kilometres of potential PVC waste. The new product is made of polypropylene, a material widely used across a number of industries due to its recyclable properties.

Julia Palle, senior sustainability consultant at Formula E, said: “Working together with a trusted and credible supplier in CSM Live, we’ve been able to deliver sustainable solutions for branding and trackside signage. Not only does the non-PVC material provide similar levels of strength and durability, each aspect has been carefully considered in order to fully limit its impact – from production line to re-use and recycling.”

Graham Clark, managing director of CSM Live – part of CSM sport and entertainment, added: “We’re proud to have worked closely with Formula E since its inception and whole-heartedly support the mission of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship to drive sustainable event management. In order to completely close the loop, we’ve looked at all elements of our supply chain and we’re thrilled to be able to deliver this new product, pioneering the way for non-PVC solutions to be used industry-wide across the globe.”