Budget: N/A
Deadline: 12am on October 2
Contact: info@aiforg.com
Info: Festival Congress is the AIF’s annual flagship event, a two-day conference and Independent Festival Awards. The event sees more than 400 industry delegates attend each year.

The event has resided in Cardiff, Wales for the initial three years, with the fourth year taking place this coming October 2017, also in Cardiff. In order to grow and develop, the Festival Congress has issued a tender. It is searching for a potential new home for 2018-2020.

A successful bidding council or location should be culturally-rich, offering strong support with the marketing and delivery of the event and will facilitate a new dynamic for the Festival Congress to evolve over the next three years.

As an event which has previously taken up residency in a number of venues, ranging from traditional conference venues to warehouse venues for the awards element, the ability to provide a change of scenery in order to improve and evolve the dynamic of the event from the conference to the awards to the after party is key.

A successful tender will be based on the weighting outlined in the Invitation to Tender document. Key areas for consideration are funding and financial offer, culture, event support, adaptability and longevity of AIF Agreement.

To receive this invitation to tender and related documents, please contact info@aiforg.com or the AIF office on 020 8994 5599 (ext 2).

It is AIF’s objective to make a final decision by October 16 and to announce the location of Festival Congress 2018-2020 on October 30. It is anticipated that the 2018 event will take place in the first week of November (w/c November 5).