FanFair Alliance has published a new guide to help artists and managers tackle exploitive secondary ticketing.

Backed by the Music Managers Forum (MMF), the guidance can be downloaded here and advocates that artists, event organisers and venues make two clear and upfront statements in their terms and conditions of sale:

  1. That tickets are for consumers only to purchase.
  2. That audiences are permitted to resell tickets for the price they paid or less and that a consumer-friendly resale or reallocation mechanism is provided.

While some artists will continue to employ more comprehensive anti-touting strategies, these cost-free measures aim to empower a wide range of acts to prevent exploitation of their audiences, while promoting fairer ticket resale practices.

The publication follows major developments, led by FanFair Alliance and its supporters and backed by a range of political and regulatory actions, to end dysfunctions in the UK’s secondary ticketing market. These include greater enforcement of consumer protection law, end to misleading marketing practices, reform of search advertising and a new wave of “consumer friendly” resale services.

Adam Webb, campaign manager at FanFair Alliance, said: “The message from audiences remains pretty clear and consistent. They’re still sick of exploitative online ticket touts, and they expect artists, event organisers and venues to do something about it.

“And here’s the good news: they can. The UK is now leading the way in the fightback against unscrupulous secondary ticketing practices. Artists have been empowered to take action.

“There’s a number of strategies they can pursue, but the no-cost recommendations in this guidance are open to all. As well as disrupting the practices of dedicated touts, our aim is that they will help promote a fairer and more transparent ticketing market.”

Annabella Coldrick, CEO of MMF, commented: “Artists and their teams now have real power to take back control of their ticket prices by using simple T&Cs and offering consumer-friendly resale to fans. MMF urges all managers to read this guide and use it.”

As well, the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR) has recently published its own detailed model terms and conditions to help those that wish to restrict the resale or transfer of tickets.

FanFair Alliance has worked closely with STAR during this process and fully supports the contents of this document.