iD, the experiential marketing agency, has revealed a major shift in its positioning, strategy and structure for 2018.

Paul Ephremsen, one of the two original founders, is back leading the agency after spending some time out on other ventures and will be spearheading the re-launch. The agency has unveiled plans to concentrate more on creating long-term experiential solutions with a transactional element, in an attempt to deliver more strategic work at the expense of tactical activity.

iD will focus on innovation projects and developing proactive pitches, whilst also significantly reducing its outbound marketing efforts. More radically, iD has stated it will be far more selective about responding to competitive pitch invitations. Meanwhile iD’s sister agency Live will continue to deliver tactical campaigns – with some clients having already made the transition between the two agencies.

Ephremsen commented: “After 25 years in business, it was time for us to take a good hard look at ourselves and the sector. The sector feels a bit broken. Agencies rarely stand out. Differentiation is limited. Agencies are queuing up to pitch for tactical, one off projects and margins are reducing too. iD will no longer participate in this increasingly commoditised part of the market.

“Consumers want to pay for experiences and we want to help brands use this to their advantage. So, we will be focusing significant effort on developing long-term commercially effective, repeatable experiences. More transactional experiences and fewer freebies.

“We have always seen ourselves as the trailblazers in the sector and we plan to continue that, at a time when the industry is at an exciting inflection point and can truly drive financial value from the power of experience. I am confident we have the team and capability to deliver. This is the boldest move we have ever made and I am hugely excited about the future.”