Following the success of the Sherborne Castle fireworks display, Events Crew have worked on another successful charity event, this time it was The Great Wellington Walk in aid of Children in Need with BBC Somerset.

The five-day event saw breakfast show presenter Claire Carter walk 15 miles a day throughout Somerset whilst wearing a pair of wellington boots. The ambitious challenge over Somerset’s undulating terrain even included Carter pulling a 6ft set of spotted wellingtons behind her.

Events Crew were tasked with supporting the walk across the entire week, ensuring that all walkers and the supporting public were kept safe, traffic was managed, and traffic impact minimised. Events Crew also led and supplied two vehicles, one of which provided walking cover and defensive driving duties to make sure Carter and her fellow walkers were protected.

The other vehicle was converted into a mobile studio for the duration of the walk. The vehicle, which is usually used for site and event security, includes an office with HD and infrared cameras, which the BBC used to provide a Facebook live stream of the walk and host their outside broadcasts from.

Geoff Binding, operations manager at Events Crew, commented: “It was great to be a part of this event and working with BBC personnel who were keen to be ambitious with what they could achieve, not just on the walk but also in preparation for the walk with rigging our vans for live broadcasts, online and over the radio. To top it all off, Children in Need is a great charity and we were happy to have supported the team and their fundraising efforts for such a good cause.”

Nick Bull, editor at BBC Somerset, added: “This was one of the most ambitious projects we’ve ever undertaken and it was great to have Events Crew on board. They handled the logistics and ensured the safety of our staff throughout the event”.