Events Crew, the Somerset-based event support and service provider, has extended its range of equipment with the recent purchase of a fleet of Trime lighting towers. The company has opted for the Trime X-Eco LED product that will be used to provide bright, safe lighting on a multitude of event applications throughout the country.

Events Crew were particularly drawn to the X-Eco’s LED lamps, which combine a brilliant light, spread with energy efficiency. They were also impressed with the X-Eco’s simple manoeuvrability, enabling its site staff to operate and manage the unit remotely.

Brent Mitchell, managing director of Events Crew, said, “I was instantly impressed with the Trime X-Eco units, in my opinion there has been more attention to detail on the Trime units then there has been on previously used units.

“The Trime unit has made it easier to set up, and for a business like ours who transport a number of lighting sets around the country at once, the smaller size makes it easier to fit more onto transport, making them cost effective not only to run, but also to transport.

“The Trime support has been first class and we look forward to many more years of using our Trime lights.”