Eventree has been awarded with a two-year contract with Pub in the Park event series.

Brand Events were looking for a way to streamline document management and accreditation across eight Pub in the Park events this year, so it contacted Eventree to develop a tailored system.

With previous experience using Eventree at CarFest, the Brand Events team were interested in exploring how the system could benefit a whole series of events, particularly to manage documents and accreditation for exhibitors and traders.

Phil Hayes, technical director of Eventree, said: “Working with Pub in the Park demonstrates how Eventree benefits a series of events run by the same event team; collecting everything in one place and being able to share documents across different events.

“With clients such as Green Man, Web Summit and Big Feastival already utilising the power of Eventree for a single event, it’s great to know our in-house development team have been able to adapt for multiple events too.”

Eventree provides a single place for exhibitors to upload documents to cover all the events they are attending, then makes those documents available to each individual Pub in the Park event for easy reference. Then the event organiser specifies on the system the maximum number of passes each exhibitor can claim, giving them the flexibility to bring different staff to each event and leaving them free to issue these to their own team.

Neil Levene, director of operations at Brand Events, stated: “Having gained the benefits using Eventree for individual events like CarFest, we could see the massive potential of running it across our whole series, to reduce the significant admin burden on our team and the contractors themselves.

“We sat down with the Eventree user experience team to consider how to adapt the system for maximum efficiency across our portfolio, and have managed to dramatically reduce the number of admin hours spent chasing documents and assigning passes – we’ve been so impressed with the system that we’ve agreed a two-year contract to use it for the Pub in the Park series.”