Eventim UK has announced the launch of FanSale, a fan-to-fan fair ticket resale platform. FanSale has been launched in a bid to help ensure that genuine fans have access to tickets, in the ongoing battle against ticket touts. Tickets are verified against Eventim UK’s ticketing system and cannot be resold at a highly inflated price.

FanSale is a fully integrated system that verifies the tickets are legitimate, ensuring there is a fair price for the seller and the buyer, protecting both parties. FanSale is fully integrated with UPS, which enables the tracking of tickets from the seller’s preferred pickup point, to the delivery address. Fans will also be able to see the exact location of the seat they are purchasing, including the block, seat row and seat number.

Dale Ballentine, director of development at Eventim UK, commented: “FanSale is about fan first thinking, we want to make sure fans get tickets for a fair price. We know that sometimes fans cannot attend their event as planned. FanSale will help solve these problems and ensure tickets are not sold at an extortionate price, making events more accessible for the real fans.”

Adam Webb, campaign manager at FanFair Alliance, added: “Research commissioned by FanFair last year highlighted that the majority of music fans would like a mechanism to resell their tickets if they can no longer attend an event. They don’t want to profit, just to recoup their costs in a safe and efficient environment. It has been hugely positive to see a growing number of responsible ticketing companies, like Eventim, listen to consumers and move in this direction – and we hope more will follow in 2018.”