Jennifer Jenkins, CEO of EVCOM, shares a note about industry in relation to the latest string of terror attacks



Sadly, my very first day as CEO of EVCOM was spent telling and re-telling the events of last Saturday evening [June 3, 2017] at London Bridge and Borough Market with new colleagues in the EVCOM office.

Personal stories and concerns to one side, we set about discussing how best to share Government advice, distributed via the British Visit and Events Partnership, with our members.

There is no doubt that recent terrorist attacks at London Bridge and Manchester Arena will have made colleagues working in this industry pause for considerable thought. My belief is that all our members will have (and will have recently reviewed) their own policies, procedures and day-to-day practice in respect of security and on-site safety. A sad conclusion must be that, indeed, it is terrorist incidents such as those we have recently witnessed, which prompt us to do so.

But allow me one observation.

We all know and understand well that, in this industry, we are a broad church and with the business of every day event delivery, we can be very tribal. We share best practice amongst our own industry groups but fail to share more widely and with others. In doing so, we fail to learn from the wider industry and one another.

Of course, with security in particular, our performance is only as strong as our collective effort – clients, partners and suppliers working together to ensure the safety of all who attend our events. Surely, in the current climate, a sharing of current and best practice across the industry would be timely.

Post-Paris, Dale Parmenter, group CEO of DRP and EVCOM board member asked, in this same column, if companies were cashing in on event terror. He concluded that as adults, we all have a responsibility for our own safety and I agree. But, I also believe that as we struggle to find a personal response to the current crisis, sharing best practice outside our immediate circle is both a timely and valuable professional reaction.

In the coming weeks, EVCOM will convene another Senior Leader’s Summit and I feel sure, this will be part of our discussions. That makes me feel better.