Energy Revolution, the charity that tackles environmental impacts from live event industry travel, has rebranded as Ecolibrium.

Ecolibrium has a new site, programme and resources and still aims to help organisers and live event suppliers to balance Co2 emissions, having helped its members balance more than 13 million travel miles (since 2015) by investing in renewable energy.

Ecolibrium marks a new phase of the charity’s journey, including expanded resources for its members such as an app, industry specific sustainable travel guides, and a climate solutions programme; Trees+ is designed to protect and regenerate ecosystems through tree planting, preservation of existing forests, and supporting sustainable farming practices.

The Trees+ programme was developed specifically with touring artists and music companies in mind and sits alongside the Energy Revolution programme, which continues to invest carbon-balancing donations from event audience and supplier travel into projects generating clean renewable energy.

Chris Johnson, CEO of Ecolibrium, said: “We understand the challenges everyone in our live events community are facing due to COVID-19, and we are ‘on hold’ in terms of actively working with our members while they prioritise the immediate crisis. We have made the best possible use of this time by creating a new brand and resources for when we emerge into a ‘new normal’. Whatever this looks like, travel will be part of life, and we will adapt our advice as the context changes.

“The ecological emergency continues, and it will serve up more challenges in the near future. It remains vital for Ecolibrium and our growing community to be ambitious, and to take the spirit and learning of collaboration and resilience-building from this unprecedented time into our next steps.”