Elevate, the mentoring programme for the events industry, has announced the launch of its training platform and workshops. Known as Elevate Evolve, the series of practical workshops is “being delivered by the events industry, for the events industry”.

Elevate Evolve has been created to “empower and educate” industry professionals, as it believes that many event-focused courses “do not offer the accessible, affordable and practical training that industry professionals need”.

Elevate surveyed more than 120 members of the events industry, to narrow down the topics that are lacking in current training programmes. The 12 topics that Elevate plans to address over the coming months have been designed alongside industry leaders and professionals, as a direct response to the survey feedback.

The survey found that more than 80 of those questioned who work in the industry feel that they lack the confidence they need to excel in their current job roles. In addition, more than 75 per cent reported lacking all of the skills they needed to meet their current role requirements, let alone see them rise through the ranks of their companies.

The Elevate Evolve training programme will start with a tailored course tackling confidence and leadership. The session takes place on June 11 and is priced at £85.