Independent music venue owner, Electric Group, has revealed details of the organisation’s latest acquisition, NX, formerly the O2 Newcastle Academy. Opening in October 2022, NX will be a“state of the art 21st century independent music venue” following a comprehensive £1.5 million refurbishment of the historical building. Work will begin in March 2022.

Designed by architect Stuart Trett at Design At Source, with Electric Group CEO Dominic Madden, the plans for NX’s main room include creating a more intimate gig experience for artist and audience alike with the introduction of mezzanine platforms and staircases, four new bars, and access to a contained roof terrace.

Sight lines for music fans will be improved to bring them closer to the NX’s main room stage, while the design and build will fully respect the architectural grandeur and heritage of the existing venue, a practice that’s been in evidence throughout Electric Group’s portfolio including Electric Brixton and SWX Bristol.

Madden said: “After many years in the planning, I’m delighted to announce our exciting vision for the refurbishment of the 02 Newcastle Academy, which of course has a seminal history and we have the important task of curating the next stage of the venue’s development.

“NX will be a state of the art 21st century independent music venue. Our vision is to undertake a comprehensive refurbishment of the venue, with a focus on making the main room a more intimate gig experience; both for the music fan and the artist. Our plans include the creation of new standing mezzanine staircases on either side of the main room, and with access to an intimate standing platform within the existing balcony and with bars and access to a contained roof terrace for music fans to use. This redesign will improve sight lines for music fans and bring them closer to the stage. This 21st century vision also fully respects the grandeur and history of the existing venue whilst putting the artist and fan experience front and centre of our plans.

“Led by Mike Weller as head of music, we operate with an independent mindset, shaping an easy and collaborative culture for promoters to embrace NX with as few financial strings attached as possible.

“We will be investing substantially to make the venue production complete and we are focused on providing a perfect platform for shows so we can help promoters smash ticket sales.”