Drp has hired its first events apprentice through the Event Management Apprenticeship programme. The events assistant apprenticeship role was fully approved by the Government earlier this year and Sarah Davitt is the first to join drp as an apprentice event assistant.

Last year, the Government approved the event management apprenticeship standard set out by the Trailblazers Industry Advisory Board, to which drp belongs. The Event Management Apprenticeship is a formal learning scheme that gives an alternative route into the events industry, and is a combination of workplace learning, online learning and face-to-face workshops.

Davitt commented: “I was going to go to university to study events management, but when I found this apprenticeship, I thought it was perfect. I’m getting education and experience at the same time. drp is a massive company that has so many different career opportunities and I hope in the future I can progress through the business.”

Dale Parmenter, CEO of drp, added” “One year on from the Government approval for the apprenticeship, it’s great to have Sarah on board and learning within the company. It is vital that our industry invests in and helps to grow the next generation of event professionals, and this scheme is a real opportunity to do this. I am looking forward to seeing the apprenticeship become more and more popular as a career option in the upcoming years.”

Drp started its apprenticeship scheme four years ago and since then have had a total of 11 apprentices. Eighty per cent of drp’s apprentices have stayed on in employment after completing their schemes. Also, three of its board members started as work experience candidates at 16 years old, and more than 20 years later, they’re still with the company.