Diva Music Festival has announced a 100 per cent female line-up.

Brit Award-winning singer, KT Tunstall, has launched the festival, which will take place this year on October 11-14 at Sandford Holiday Park, Dorset.

The festival, co-founded and produced by singer-songwriter and actor, Heather Peace, aims to promote female empowerment and diminish inequality and discrimination in the music industry.

The festival will stage live music from across the world, including DJ’s playing into the early hours.

Tunstall will DJ with X Factor and Eurovision singer, Saara Aalto and Peace will also be performing.

Tunstall, curator and festival ambassador of Diva Music Festival, said: “I am incredibly proud to be a founding supporter of the DIVA Music Festival.

“It is an enormous challenge to launch a new music festival, and with only approximately 19 per cent of festival acts having a female member, vastly more challenging to do so with an all-female line up.

“By being a curator at this year’s DIVA festival, I am thrilled to be able to play my part in working towards gender equality on festival line-ups.”

Peace added: “Being the co-founder and artistic director of the DIVA Music Festival is one of the things I am professionally most proud of. We’ve created a festival that nurtures new talent alongside established, brilliant female artists and female led bands. It’s time the major festivals realised that the gender imbalance just isn’t good enough. There are brilliant women making music all over the world and not being heard.

“At DMF, I believe we have created an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can feel safe to enjoy themselves and party. I want the DMF be a place where women support women in their careers, in front of and behind the scenes. When we all work together, with the support of our brothers too, we can really make a difference for girls and women.”

The event is also a part of the Keychange initiative for gender equality.