Groundforce Bridge
Groundforce Bridge


Groundforce Bridge provides an easily installed modular flat pack bridge solution to suit your requirements. A range of vehicle bridges and pedestrian bridges are available for hire from 4m to over 12m.

The temporary bridges are delivered to site and the simple installation and ‘flat pack’ design means there is no requirement for expensive heavy duty lifting devices or machinery, making Groundforce Bridge one of the fastest and cost efficient temporary bridging solutions available.

The Pedestrian Footbridge has a non-slip surface with safety rails which are child safe and designed to prevent wildlife becoming trapped in the mesh and is suitable for wheel chairs and golf buggies so ideal for events of every kind.

We have Vehicle Bridges ranging from our Micro Bridge at 4m which is ideal for small crossings and can be installed in under 2 hours, to the Mega Bridge that has a maximum length of 12.6m and is strong enough to withstand very heavy duty vehicles and many other sizes in between.

If you would like to discuss your requirements with a specialist, or arrange a free site survey, please contact us on or call on 0800 169 5269.