Alternative Stretch Tents

Alternative Stretch Tents
Name: Alternative Stretch Tents

Alternative Stretch Tents involved with the events industry for over 10years, stumbling across these gorgeous Stretch Tents some 7 years ago has led to a passion in providing the alternative to a traditional Marquee. Originating in South Africa the Stretch Tent really does provide that wow effect to any event.

No need to over dress these natural modern looking tents, their flowing curves speak for themselves! Often fitting into that awkward shaped garden or over that dreaded tree [if not too big!] Stretch Tents have many many different configurations and designs, the possibilities literally are endless! We also stock a range of colours, Chino being one of our favourites but why not go a little different and spice it up with a deep blue colour or event bright pink, we love Stretch Tents!

Telephone Number: 01920 830256
Address: Building 15, Gateway 1000, Stevenage SG1 2FP