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Funkin Cocktails, the UK’s number one fruit purée and cocktail mixer company is offering event professionals the ultimate in cocktail solutions for high footfall events – Funkin Premium Batched Draught Cocktails.

Sporting the latest in draught technology, Funkin’s cocktails on tap solution offers consistent and perfectly balanced serves including the Pornstar Martini and the Mojito (currently the UK’s top two best-selling cocktails according to CGA data) in addition to the Piña Colada and the Pink Gin Fizz.

Ideal for outdoor and high-footfall events including festivals, concerts and arenas Funkin’s Premium Batched Draught Cocktails are quick and easy to pour, reduce wastage, offer shorter waiting times for consumers and less strain on bartenders. The cocktails are dispensed from 20-litre one way KeyKegs, using a KeyKeg coupler, just like many craft beers. The cocktail ABVs are 10 per cent and there are 133 (150ml) serves per KeyKeg. The shelf life is nine months unopened and 28 days once opened.

Established in 1999, Funkin Cocktails is the only company to offer such an extensive range of products and solutions for the drinks and events industry with its portfolio now including purées, small batch syrups, pre-batch cocktail mixers, draught cocktails and dried garnishes which launched last year.

To speak to someone at Funkin Cocktails about your event requirements please contact: Funkin Cocktails HQ on 020 7328 4440 or email