C.Scope International Ltd
C.Scope International Ltd


C.Scope is a UK company that produce and distribute a range of Cable Avoidance Tools, Pipe & Cable Location Equipment and accessories designed to accurately locate buried services.

C.Scope’s products and services make it safer, quicker and more cost effective for companies or individuals working around underground pipes and cables. A number of shallow cable strikes occur when erecting temporary structures for events or when steel pins are driven into the ground whilst erecting marquees. These accidents can result in personal injury, costly repairs and disruption to work.

Therefore, using Cable Avoidance equipment is an important consideration when organising outdoor and special events.

It is vital that cable avoidance equipment such as the range produced by C.SCOPE is used before any excavation work is done or before driving tent pegs or stakes into the ground.

Please visit www.cscopelocators.com for more information.