The brand new Sparkular system produces a fantastic, non-hazardous, effect that looks exactly like traditional pyrotechnics.
The effect is created by heating a Titanium and Zirconium composite powder, which is blown upwards from the Sparkular unit.
Controlled via a DMX desk, the height and duration of the effect can be varied and numerous sequences programmed.
The advantages of using the system as opposed to traditional pyrotechnics are as follows:

  • No gunpowder or ignition source so these can be used in locations and venues where pyrotechnics are not permitted.
  • Non hazardous materials negate standard pyrotechnic licence requirements.
  • No debris and cold fallout so there is no need for exclusion zones as seen around standard pyrotechnic products.
  • The system is ideal for permanent installations or multiple date productions as they remove the need for re-loading pyrotechnics.
  • One sachet of powder produces between 15 and 20 minutes of effect time so no need for constant reloading as seen with traditional pyrotechnics.
  • Rigging time and crew requirements are dramatically reduced when compared to traditional pyrotechnics.
  • Little to no smoke output.