DB Event Networks, the connectivity division of DB Systems, has launched a Wi-Fi connectivity solution: Wi-Fi on the fly. As the name suggests, Wi-Fi on the fly enables event organisers to instantly create a Wi-Fi network where there is no existing connectivity infra-structure, making it perfect for festivals, experiential, pop-up activations or on-site production teams.

Wi-Fi on the fly solves organiser and production crew connectivity headaches, enabling them to get their teams or customers online instantly. The Wi-Fi on the fly system works on 4G, using mobile Wi-Fi hardware from cradlepoint. It contains multiple sim cards from the key 4G operators and automatically detects the strongest 4G connection, switching seamlessly between operators in response to connectivity traffic. It’s a fast instant-use solution, with an enterprise grade data package, which is prioritised by the networks, creating a much faster connectivity experience than achievable through a phone or dongle.

Gareth Hay, head of DB Event Networks, commented: “The system is essentially remote control – users simply plug it in and turn it on, enabling our technicians to set it up remotely and create a Wi-Fi network. Using the built-in antennae it can support approximately 60 devices within a 25 metre radius, or, if operating in an area with low 4G connectivity we can plug in an external ariel system to boost the connection, so it’s suitable for any kind of event in any location.”

Additional Access Points can be plugged in, further increasing capacity and range, or the system can be connected to a Cat 5 cable internet connection and be used solely as a router, with the back-up of the 4G network taking over should the wired connection drop out, creating a virtually uninterruptable wireless connection.

Hay continued: “Wi-Fi on the fly opens up a whole new world of opportunities and eases a whole world of pain. From production teams that have been trying to manage complex operations through their mobile phone to organisers biting their nails as social media interactions drop-off due to lack of connectivity to press teams managing copy uploads, or marketers who need connectivity to really make their marketing activations fly – it solves all kinds of problems in a really simple but effective way.”