CrowdSaver has devised two new products – CrowdTimer and CrowdRanger (pictured) – which will help organisers with future events.

 The new solutions are: 

CrowdTimer – A Time-Slot Wearable: If guests have reserved a time-slot, how do you make sure they leave on-time in a friendly way? CrowdTimers are time-slot wearables that allow to control the capacity. Simply hand them out at the entrance, set the time, and once the time is up they will light up red. The CrowdTimer is reusable, out-of-the-box ready, and easy to clean. Plus, it is the perfect addition for pay-per-hour services such as trampoline parks, workshops, museums and gyms. 

CrowdRanger – Social Distancing Wearable: Focusing on the content of the event is more important than the regulations, CrowdSaver’s CrowdRanger product can help maintain the social distance among the guests. With vast years of experience in radio-controlled wearables, CrowdSaver created the CrowdRanger; a badge that helps maintain a safe social distance alerting through sound, light and vibrations. It works as easy as possible: When two CrowdRangers come within the set safe distance they will alert the wearer. No setup, no hassle. 

 Please note: This is a promotional feature