Arm and Hammer is promoting its toothpaste at Wilderness Festival this weekend with an experiential campaign, conceived and developed by Chorus, the content and partnerships division at Maxus.

It features an “apothecary tent,” which illustrates the benefits of baking soda, the toothpaste’s key ingredient.

The tent features scientific experiments, including a volcano-inspired bubbling experiment, a pH testing kit for your saliva, and making your own fizzy salt bath-bombs – all incorporating baking soda and targeting each of the five senses. There will also be two demonstrations of chemical reactions that can be created using baking soda: one showing a rainbow of bubbling potions, and the other a snake-like firework effect.

Arm and Hammer is also taking advantage of the natural desire for toothpaste whilst camping, setting up a boutique tooth brushing station and offering people the opportunity to sample the product.

The festival experience is amplified with a Time Out partnership, and a social media campaign, as well as media included in the Wilderness festival package.

Arm and Hammer’s Amy Clark, said: “Wilderness festival is a perfect fit for Arm and Hammer. Our unique and iconic formula has developed a loyal following due to the exceptionally deep clean it provides, making our products stand out to consumers who crave something different. Wilderness stands out within the UK festival arena; the variety of events within this one festival attracts people who have the attitude that we, as a brand, are all about – a curiosity to experience the exceptional.”

Laura Gao, account director at Chorus, added: “We wanted to create an authentic brand experience for Arm and Hammer toothpaste in an environment that had a natural necessity for product trial. Not only are we bringing the miracle ingredient to life through the experiments and activities in The Apothecary but we’re also getting the product into people’s hands at our brushing station. Festivalgoers will have the chance to try their hand at baking soda bath bomb making and experience the deep clean of Arm and Hammer toothpaste for themselves. Through these two unique and immersive brand activations, we‘re able to align with the passion points of our target audience and make their festival experience that little bit more exceptional.”

The campaign, which has been running in the lead up to Wilderness festival, culminates with The Apothecary and brushing station activations, which runs until August 6.