Chad Lion-Cachet has stepped down as chief executive of Events International Group (EIG), part of the TUI Group, after 13 years with the business. Lion-Cachet left the group at the end of December 2016, with an ambition to build a new full-service business for the events industry.

Lion-Cachet helped create the EIG and was also founder and chair of MyEvent.Vision.

Lion-Cachet said: “My passion has always been in the creation and development of great businesses, and I’m looking forward to starting the process again. I want to help companies find suitable investment to bring their new ideas and developments to fruition. I’m on the lookout for suitable investment opportunities in the market, but I also see a massive opportunity in the creation of a broad based, diverse and customer focussed event services brand that cuts across sport, food, fashion and culture.

“This is an industry with no shortage of ideas and continues to be one of the main reasons I love working in it. It remains undervalued and is a great platform for investment growth. The EIG’s success was built around the foundations of innovation and exceptional customer service. Any investment made, and any new company we build should have those same two hallmarks.”