Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland has opened this season with a bespoke Alpine Ice Trail – a new addition to the winter event.

Organised by Sayer Events, Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland will run until January 5 and expects to welcome around 250,000 visitors across the Christmas season with around 65,000 taking to the ice. The wonderland features a host of attractions including the Big Wheel, the Sur La Piste lodge, rides and food and beverage offerings.

In addition to the main ice rink, provided by production company 11th Hour, the Winter Wonderland features an ice skating trail that winds through the trees in Cardiff’s Gorsedd Gardens.

The 250-metre long trail uses a rubber mat piping system filled with a freezing agent to ensure the ice remains frozen over the festive period, with chillers able to react and adapt to the ambient air temperature. Additionally, 11th Hour provided core infrastructure to the event including site-wide power, floodlights and hand-crafted signage.

Jason Venables, business development manager at 11th Hour, commented: “Each year this event grows in ambition and scale and for 2019 we’ve added something really special with the Alpine Ice Trail.”

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