The organiser of the Brighton Marathon Weekend has announced plans to significantly reduce the use of single-use plastics at the event.

The task to significantly reduce single-use plastics at the event which has more than 18,000 participants, 150,000 spectators and more than 2,500 event staff, medical team, volunteers and contractors is “a major challenge”, but one which Grounded Events Company (GEC) is setting out to achieve in 2019.

GEC has been keen to develop upon current sustainability efforts and is now introducing a plan to reduce single-use plastics at Brighton Marathon Weekend. Following analysis, several tests will be rolled out in 2019 to support the aim of removing the vast majority of single-use plastics from the event in the future.

New measures for 2019 include:

  • The provision of reusable drinks bottles to all finishers of the events, volunteers, partners and contractors at the event and access to drinking water (more than 20,000 bottles)
  • Introduction of stand-pipes at a selection of water stations on the course in 2019 as a test, (which will reduce plastic bottles on the route by 40 per cent) with the aim of installing them course wide at future events
  • Revision of the baggage process for runners, including a reusable kit bag being issued to all runners, which can also be used for goody bag item collection
  • An advisory note has been issued to all sponsors, partners, suppliers and contractors, which requests that no single use plastics be brought onto the event site
  • Pro-active communication with runners and supporters, conveying a “leave no trace” message in the city to help support the extensive clear up operation already in place