Brighton and Hove Pride has worked with a sustainability specialist to produce and execute a three-year plan that will focus on reducing single use plastic waste and carbon emissions at both Preston Park and Old Steine, as well as the venues within the Pride Village Party footprint.

For 2019, the event will pilot a reusable cup scheme at Preston Park and Pleasure Gardens with Green Goblet – with the main aim being to reduce plastic waste from the festival bars. The organiser is hoping the adoption of a reusable cup scheme will reduce the volume of waste that has historically gone to incineration by up to 30 per cent.

A portion of the reusable cups will be Pride branded but without a reference to the festival dates, meaning that those cups returned can be stored and reused the following year. Plastic straws have been banned from all onsite bars and all food concessions are being encouraged to use compostable serving trays and cutlery.

Mixed recycling bins will also be introduced to the public areas in Preston Park this year. There will be clearly labelled separate bins for mixed waste and a team of volunteers will be stationed at each pod to ensure festivalgoers separate their rubbish correctly.

Bottled water on sale to festivalgoers will be replaced with Aquapax cartons to help reduce the volume of single use plastic waste, plastic bottles are also being replaced with cans at all bars and concessions.

The organiser is also introducing water coolers to some areas of the Preston Park site for artists, crew and security, and will issue all staff, crew and volunteers a reusable water bottle to replace the single use plastic bottles used previously. Water taps in Preston Park will be available for festivalgoers to fill their water bottles.

The organiser will monitor the energy production of the generators versus actual onsite consumption at both the Preston Park and Pleasure Gardens sites and will use this data to analyse the CO2e emissions, with a view to optimising generator sizings and possible alternative configurations to reduce fuel consumption.

All floats in the Pride Community Parade have been asked to send details of their vehicle engine specs in order to track the emissions associated with the parade. The organiser has said that this year’s sustainability efforts will focus on benchmarking and analysing data that will “help set up realistic improvement targets for future years”.