Brand Events and Redcoat Events have released details of how their events will operate as a result of COVID-19.

Neil Levene, operations director at Brand Events, which delivers CarFest and Pub in the Park, confirmed in an interview with Stand Out that CarFest North and CarFest South would be combined to create one big event in 2020 – CarFest United.

Pub in the Park, which was set to take place in eight locations from May until September, will be re-scheduled with events running from mid-August onwards.

Redcoat Events, a joint venture between Brand Events, News UK, the publisher, and Chris Evans, the broadcaster, has confirmed that RunFestRun will not take place in May. Instead, the family-friendly running and music event has been postponed until September 4-6.

The decision to combine both CarFest events was made in the interest of creating certainty and maximising this year’s revenue for children’s charities, in this challenging and uncertain period.

Evans said: “CarFest is a festival with a purpose and over the past eight years we are proud to have raised £16.5 million for our children’s charities – this year, more than ever, they’re going to need it. Our priority is to continue to raise as much money for children’s charities as possible, whilst hopefully giving everyone and their families a great time.

“The idea of bringing all of our amazing CarFesters together is a very exciting one, and despite tough circumstances, the whole team are committed to making this year’s event better than ever before. We promised visitors more music, more cars and more stars… and now we’ll be creating some very special extra events for all of our fabulous CarFest friends and families, starting with a convoy of northerners coming down the M6!”

CarFest United!, will now be held at Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire, from August 28-30, with all CarFest North ticket holders being offered an automatic transfer of their tickets.

Levene said: “We have moved at a fast speed. We had out first discussions around February 17/18 and posed a lot of ‘what if?’ questions and formed a working group.”

The situation soon moved from “what if?” and event postponements became a reality.

“Combining CarFest North with CarFest South was an easy solution BUT it was not an easy decision to make.

“With regards to Pub in the Park, we have moved all of our events in May, June and July into August and September. Seven out of our eight venues have given us dates in August and September but we have not agreed anything with our Dulwich venue yet.

“RunFestRun has been postponed until September but will not take place in Great Windsor Park. We have, therefore, looked at three other locations and I think we have our location nailed down.”

Levene continued: “As a company, where we would deliver events from May through to September, it means we are going to have a very busy eight weeks. Also, because we started talking to our suppliers early, nearly all of them can service our requirements.

“Lots of people are being very helpful given the circumstances,” he concluded. “The only downside is that there will be no CarFest North but by protecting CarFest South we can protect money for charities, and we may not do one Pub in the Park but we will bounce back next year.”