Forget drive-in cinemas. Fresh Agency, Live Club and Shining Production, three Italian companies, have joined forces to create Bike-In entertainment. It’s exactly like a drive-in experience but you arrive by bike.

Bike-In is being pushed to sporting and cultural associations, as well as agencies and promoters, as a way of bringing back events safely, with social distancing measures in mind.

Extra sanitation, cashless measures and digital ticketing are all part of the new concept. Plus, it’s being promoted as an ideal way to reduce pressures on traffic and as a great way for organisations to meet environmental standards.

A statement on the agencies’ website said: “Due to the public health emergency resulting from the COVID-19 outbreak, all of us have to rethink of the meaning of mass gatherings and social relationships. In this regard, the entertainment industry, needs to be completely reorganised in compliance with what we are all asked to do: Be safe and keep social distancing.

“We have been asked to evolve and adapt ourselves to the conditions of a new way of life. We chose to respond to this in the smartest way: moving along the line of progress, pushing beyond new horizons. There’s been a lot of talks in these last days about the return of ‘Drive-In’ movies, but we prefer thinking of something that above all should be eco-friendly and sharable.”