The Association of Event Venues (AEV) has published the latest version of its eGuide with major revisions to the catering section and updates to the disability section.

The eGuide provides venues, organisers, exhibitors and supplier companies with clear and straightforward guidance for achieving common standards of health, safety and operational planning, management and on-site conduct across UK event venues.

“I’m delighted that we’ve managed to complete a thorough review of the eGuide for the 2020 release, despite the challenges our industry is facing this year,” said Siân Richards, head of sustainability at Olympia London and chair of the eGuide Working Group. “Thank you very much to the AEV and the Working Groups for helping to review 18 sections, including useful updates in the Disability section on making events more inclusive and a complete revamp of the Catering section, which is now simplified and more user-friendly.”

The eGuide is continually reviewed by working industry professionals who represent the best advice currently available, and who themselves have to work within the guidelines in their own professional capacities.

Amy Chong, head of food and beverage at ExCeL London, and chair of the Catering Working Group commented: “I am absolutely delighted to finally be able to publish the new and improved version of the catering section. Special and sincere thanks to the AEV and AEO members in the catering working group, sub-group and eGuide committee for their invaluable time and contribution; this is a real testament to what can be achieved through great collaboration. I look forward to continuously reviewing, improving and implementing new ways of working with everyone through these challenging yet exciting and hopeful times. “

Last month a COVID-19 appendix was released that sits alongside the eGuide, which has been produced to expand upon the All Secure Standards document published within the Visitor Economy Tourism Guidance and is specifically for events taking place in exhibition and conference centres. This guidance is aimed to assist venues, organisers and contractors to plan and prepare for events in the near future in response to COVID-19 and should be read in conjunction with the All Secure Standard document.