Festivals up and down the UK hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons last year; from leaving customers waiting for hours in the baking sun as their access control failed, to struggling to manage communications when things go wrong, leaving customers to air grievances on social media instead. These can all impact on the bottom line or even spell the end of a festival as people opt to go elsewhere next time.

Behind the scenes at some of the UK’s best-loved independent festivals and events is often a small in-house team, handling everything from customer relations, ticket sales and marketing to social media management and ensuring safe and quick access for thousands of people to their event. It can be a struggle to cope with the myriad of demands on their time.

Many may think ticketing agencies are responsible for one thing: tickets. But that isn’t the case; we can offer so much more. By taking away the pressures from the organiser, it enables them to concentrate solely on the event delivery and achieve their end goal – giving customers the best experience. Many of us are an invaluable one stop shop for independent festivals and events, all with bespoke packages available.

As a “best friend” to a number of festivals and outdoor events, it is important to be versatile for each organiser’s specific needs. From a fully responsive white label ticketing service with quick and easy purchase process to marketing support, website integration, customer service, payment plans, queue-busting solutions, an extra pair of hands on the day; the list really does go on.

With festival season upon us, if you’re a festival organiser who is feeling the strain then why not reach out? With so many of “us” about, the website STAR (the Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers) is a good starting point.

Ultimately, we’re all passionate about getting people into events up and down the country seamlessly, so they can have an epic time with friends and family. It’s a shame we can’t guarantee the unpredictable English weather on our long list of can-dos!