A Greener Festival (AGF), the not for profit organisation, has announced the launch of the International AGF Awards, a new awards night which aims to highlight a single best-in-class event for its sustainability across 11 categories.

The inaugural ceremony will take place at the Green Events and Innovations Conference (GEI), which kickstarts the International Live Music Conference (ILMC) week on March 5.

Claire O’Neill, co-founder of AGF, commented: “The significance of the International Greener Festival Awards is that for the first time we are crowning the top winner as the greenest festival in the world.

“We also shout about the festivals with the best transport, waste, power and innovation to making the whole industry greener and those using their influence and reach for good. The purpose is to accelerate positive change by shining a light on the best ideas us humans are coming up with to solve our collective conundrums.”

After 11 years of assessing and certifying festivals and events around the world through the Greener Festival Award and its derivatives, AGF felt it was time to “shine a spotlight on those doing amazing work” and to ultimately present the International Greener Festival Award.

AGF Greener Transport Award

AGF Greener Catering Award

AGF Greener Pioneer Award

AGF Greener Creative Award

AGF Circular Festival Award

AGF Water and Sanitation Award

AGF Greener Innovation Award

AGF Pied Piper Award (Greener Communications)

Delegates of GEI, ILMC and the ILMC Production Meeting will be able to attend the prize-giving ceremony following the day’s conference sessions, and the opening of ILMC31, at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington High St on March 5.

More details on the event and the award nominees can be found here.